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another doodle to keep me up during games… zzzz

i really miss young justice

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Can you draw Zatanna and Robin with palette 72
Anonymous asked
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Conner #82 for threaded-needles

Sorry it’s not perfect, I could do his hair so… I totally changed it…

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Raquel #80 for sassandmischief 

(Gwen Stacy is coming~)

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Its face that Dick of the young Justice version is practicing is unexpectedly difficult recently. 

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I did some more practice and did all YJ characters. I Practiced on poses using some references. I also added songs that particularly inspired the piece and random number generator to pic palettes. 

(I drew Cassie for Sky cause she asked me like a million years ago for a drawing of her)

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"Yes! That was my card," M’gann cheered in glee.

Guys you should all go read the story Cards Against The Justice League by Chalant Lover

It’s really fun and great!! 

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Daily Doodle No 3~ A cutie and a butterfly

(If you haven’t noticed it’s less daily than it is whenever I feel like it but I’ll work hard to continue it more  )