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Young Justice by ColourOnly85

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Dick ‘n The Kid »» because Helen

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My planner for next year.
Had to make it worth looking at…

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turns out quite a few of my friends are planning on doing some marvel-speedster cosplays in the next year or so. And i’ve still got my four five  six (seven?)  Wally cosplays in use.

So hopefully we’ll have at least one cross-company speedster team up! 

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Kid Flash after a mission, or before a mission or just being generally flashy or something. I dunno I was bored and KF wanted to be drawn. So here’s a thing. 


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Young Justice Assortment by *Kitty-Cat-Angel

Life is like a box of YJ characters…

Requested Christmas gift for my 10 year old niece. She chose the characters.

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I dunno what I was doing… but it definitely wasn’t work.

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Can you lie next to her,

and confess your love,

your love,

as well as your folly



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Textures = a lazy person’s best friend