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Somebody take my computer away from me before I draw anymore of these two.

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Been watching Young Justice: Invasion and remembered how dark it is. Also remembered I actually set up this tumblr to reblog YJ stuff and my first tumblr name was ‘feelingtheaster’. Good times. This show is still aces. 

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So guess who started watching young justice? safjewfbenicjsefewc YOU GO WALLY WEST! YOU GO! WOO! YOU SO DANDY you can add this ship to my ocean as well.

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all the things we should’ve said but we never said
all the things we should’ve done but we never did
all the things we should’ve given but we didnt

oh darling, make it go… make it go away [x]

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coloring evil m’gann @ the airport & then im almost home! :)

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boy crushes are fragile please handle with care

this is actually a bit old omf buT IM POSTING IT ANYWAY— for the freshmen invasion

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- From the Happy Harbor High School yearbook.

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don’t tell me i was the only one

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genomorph i drew last november from the young justice pilot ep

(still upset its not getting a third season)

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sleep was a no-go for most of last night so at one point i gave up and drew teen alien cuties in love instead